Hostgate.com.ng is a product of Jolag Integrated Nigeria.

Hostgate.com.ng is a web solution company that perform a number of internet based services to her clients. These include Webhosting, Webdesign and development, Software development, blog and forum design, and Corporate and individual trainings. We are group of qualified ICT experts with wealth of experience in the field of computer education and training, Website design and development, Software development, Web hosting, Internet advertisement, Database Management, Accounting Software and general e-consulting. we saw that web hosting has a lot to offer and there is a panoply of possibilities for expansion. That means experience, dedication and commitment to a service that is now the number one entryway to an online presence.

Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.
Oscar Wilde

Our Details

We are committed to excelling in all that we undertake as professionals. Maintenance of a high standard, ethical business behavior, operating not just within the frame work of the laws, but also abiding by principles of utmost honour, honest, and fair play to all that we deal with. We will be glad to work with you and give you the best professional services. Thanks for your anticipated patronage.

We are no. 1...WHY?

  • Best hardware around the world
  • 10 TB Storage for all our clients
  • Easy powerfull control panel with special tools
  • The Best web hosting company in Nigeria
  • Reliable Hardware
  • 24/7,round-the-clock in-house support

Our company have more than20.000 customersaround the Country!

What our clients are saying...

“Hostgate.com.ng is awesome! Reliable, secure hosting, I just wanted to let you know that Hostgate.com.ng have a superb employee-they resolved my e-mail issue so fast, I was in shock. thanks again!”

Mrs Olorunishola(Gbemi's Stores)Ceo